August 3, 2005

6 hours... 8 levels... 12 hour shifts

After fumbling my way through the new Catacombs newbie quests on my scout, Favre, in DAoC... I finally got rolling after about level three and the new Catacombs instanced task dungeons really help.

My impressions so far.

1. Catacombs newbie quests make 1-5 enjoyable!

2. The task dungeons are great for solo gamers like myself and can be relatively easy to complete.

3. The graphics are a good upgrade.... scratch that... GREAT upgrade.

4. The community on Gareth/Albion is so far nice... no asshats to be found... yet... keyword being yet. Did you get that yet???

On a side note... I have switched over to 12 hour shifts 4 days a week for work. That means a lot of my gaming time is now being devoted to sleeping :( Good thing is I get 3 days off a week now... hmmm...

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