August 26, 2005

Alterac Valley needs to be rebuilt

Take a look at this thread over on WoW's official Azgalor realm forums. Now do a search and you will find hundreds of other posts stating the exact same thing.

Charging in and dieing is prefered to balanced group play because you can resurect at full mana and health a lot faster than you could actually get healed or regenerate. How much more evident can it get that Blizzard wants AV to focus 100% on graveyard to graveyard zerging?

Every AV match starts out with the two sides trying to zerg rush the graveyard closest to the enemy general, Iceblood or Stonehearth. Every single time! If you go in organized; chances are your zerg will get to the graveyard first allowing for quite an easy victory. Once the graveyard is captured it turns into an instant resurection spot every 30 seconds making it nearly impossible to be captured spelling the end of the match.

Every side objective in AV is a joke and results in no positive gain for your team. The fight will remain between two graveyards almost the entire time. Anyone else wishing to venture off most likely will get killed off by NPC guards and then return to the zerg fight.

Here is what is needed to fix AV.
  • 30 second resurection timer increased to 2 minutes.
  • No honor given out for player kills. Honor only earned through completion of goals, side objectives, and winning the BG.
  • Max of 100 resurections per graveyard, but can be increased through the gathering of resources. The "home" graveyards would be unlimited.
  • All towers and forts must be captured first before the enemy general will spawn.
  • Resource gathering required as the initial stage. Require players to split up and capture as many resources as quickly as possible. Resources directly affect strength of forts and towers.
  • Every resource would have a limited supply. Once the supplies are cleaned out the source is shutdown.
  • Players would be required to carry the resources.
  • Put doors on forts and towers that must be destroyed first.
  • General can not be pulled out of their main room and goes into "evade" mode anytime they are being hit and can not hit the attacker back.
  • More AOE attacks for the generals.
  • Limit # of the players allowed to join. If there is only 20 on one side and 40 on the other side waiting to get in... only let 20 in. As more join the lower side allow more from the other side in.

Some of these are far fetched... and some are not. Team size, resurection timer, and graveyard rushing need to be changed!