September 26, 2006

Another First For ASCN - EVE Online

Found at Kill Ten Rats.
The first Titan has been built and it was Ascendant Frontier that made it happen. It’s a pretty big deal, and an even bigger ship. Way to go ASCN! Ars Caelestis (ArsC) is proud to be a part of it all.

I’ll try to add more details as they are released.

- Ethic
As a former member of ArsC and still an active member of their community I must say I am proud also. Even though I am no longer playing EVE Online I still enjoy keeping up on my old corp. Good luck ASCN!


Spidubic said...

That thing is huge!

Razor said...

Kudos to ASCN. Now, back to shooting them. fofofo

CrazyKinux said...

Can't wait to see videos of this behemoth flying through space. Something like this Titan videos but better quality and longer.

Congrats to ASCN!