June 11, 2008

Google Scares Me

My co-worker just checked Google's Street View, and sure enough, they've invaded my city. Its not a big city, but big enough I guess for Google's purposes. I don't live downtown. I don't live in a big housing complex or on a busy street. I simply live on a side street out in suburbia, which is now immortalized via Google's Street View.

I am officially scared, but sort of glad they didn't catch me out walking the dog.


William said...

Hell my house is on there, and though we live in the suburb of a mega tropolis, it's disconcerting.. yet my old homes back in Jersey, Ventnor, isn't on it.. yet that place would take no time to drive up and down through.. odd..

Cow Nose the 50 Pound Cat said...

You can see my neighbor watering her yard! (From different angles too)