May 30, 2005

A List of Things To Do...

So, my blogging begins, but I do not want to set off without a list of what I wish to accomplish.

First up will be my current games, World of Warcraft and Guild wars. Both deserving of my two cents. Whether appreciated or not by the general gaming public, I will speak my mind on both.

My goal is to develop a base as to where, how, and what to rate MMORPGs on. Reaching out from there, I will push my own idea's on what I would like to see. We are all dreamers and I see nothing wrong with sharing my dream of gaming.

Without further hesitation:

1. WoW Review
2. Guild Wars Review
3. Comment on WoW's PvP system.
4. Comment on Guild Wars PvP balance.
5. Comment on casual gaming and being a casual gamer.
6. See what else there is in the MMO news these days.

Update: 8 Jul, 2007 - Re-edited post and applied labels. Added reflection.
Reflection: Looking back on this post, I wanted to reflect on what I actually did achieve on this list. I started, but never finished a multi-part World of Warcraft game review. MMORPGs are notoriously hard to review, which I found out the hard way. My Guild Wars review met a similar fate.

I have made several posts in regard to WoW's PvP system. And I am glad to report that many suggestions and discussions I had early on were eventually implemented into WoW. Cross server battlegrounds, a complete reworking of the honor system, and PvP Arenas were all discussed here well ahead of their implementations.

I also analyzed Guild Wars PvP, but never fully realized it's potential. I grew away from competitive Guild Wars after the guild I joined fell apart early on.

Finally, I have definitely kept my finger on the pulse of MMORPG news everywhere. I even managed to create some of my own with links from websites such as Slashdot and Digg.