October 25, 2005

WoW.com PvP forum

My post, The Arathi Basin Cycle of Azgalor, has been picked up by another poster who improved upon the fix on the World of Warcraft official PvP discussion forum.

Well I am still banned, but I do have a response to hopefully get posted there through a friend.
"Casual players whine to much, the system is fine as is. If you are in a pug try and come up with a strategy to win, if you cant thats not blizzards fault that a organized team can beat you. Get over it and move on to the next game."
No. The hardcore players whine louder when casual gamers suggest making the in game system FAIR to casual playstyles. The current system is not fair. It is not equal. It is hardcore or go home.

This change does absolutely nothing to the game other than give an EQUAL chance to casual gamers to play the game the way we want. Do hardcore gamers uderstand that? No, because they believe casual gamers MUST play the game THEIR way. Afterall the hardcore gamers play more and therefore know whats better... right?

Dividing BG queue into Arranged Team or Random Team does not hurt the hardcore at all. It prevents the hardcore from farming UNFAIR battleground fights. The arranged groups have an EQUAL choice whether to play fair matches against other arranged teams or go solo into the random queue. That is balance and it is fair to everyone involved.

Currently the casual gamer that does not want (or lacks the time) to form an arranged team SPEND HOURS waiting for a single match where they can compete. Switching to an arranged or random queue system gives these gamers an EQUAL chance that DOES NOT EXIST currently.

The biggest problem with the honor system is the fact you compete against your own realm. So fighting a long match specifically hurts you because there is someone out there doing it faster. This is a whole topic in itself. Simply put... fighting fair matches that are challenging is counterproductive to advancing because they take more time for the same reward. This creates backstabbing and /afk players. In the end its a CYCLE which I wrote about in my article.
"While you are at it. Lets go ahead and remove guilds from the game too. If we can't team up with our guild because you people cry then whats the use of having guilds in the game anyway."
Wrong. My suggestion lets you group with your guild and fight like minded people. Honestly that is better for guilds.

The sad fact is that the PvP rank system isn't about quality. It is about speed and quantity.

That is why organized guilds that were Alterac Valley farmers absolutely hate the AV changes now. It is no longer productive because the fights are more balanced and are no longer 20 minute free honor farms.

Update: 5 Nov, 2006 - Edited post, applied labels, and removed broken link.