April 3, 2008

Operation Paladin?

I am tired of my Shaman. That is a bit saddening as I've worked really hard to get his PvP gear and if I abandon him now I'll have barely enjoyed instant-ghost wolf, something I've wanted for my Shaman since 2004.

However, it is apparent to me that Blizzard doesn't give a damn about the class, aside from making sure that Shaman's Restoration talent tree is buffed enough to provide another viable healer class.

If I don't respec Restoration I'll probably never get the Badges of Justice needed to get some new gear.

Since I refuse to do arenas, I'll probably never upgrade my current PvP gear from what is available for purchase via Honor.

Lastly, I don't want to farm 2.5k more gold for my epic flying mount, just so I can farm mining nodes. I'd probably be a bit more motivated if I could somehow rain terror down upon Stormwind from an epic flying mount, but I can't so I won't be farming gold any time soon.

Which brings me to my new project: Operation Paladin. At first I was going to redo my warrior, because they melt face in PvP and tanks are always in demand. Yes, it would take some talent juggling, but it would be worth it unlike respeccing Resotration as a Shaman to try and get better DPS gear that still won't mean jack crap for my Enhance DPS build.

But then I did some thinking and figured a Paladin might be more enjoyable. Why? Because Belfadin is a cool nickname for Horde Paladins. Also, I've never enjoyed the level 1-20 Blood Elf content and I figured it's about time I do so.

Plus, Protection Paladins own face in PvE and hold their own in PvP. Mostly, they don't die in three seconds and at some point I fully intend to perform the fabled Bubble Hearth. Actually, that will probably be the first PvP activity I participate in with my Belf-protadin.