May 22, 2008

GIVE AWAY: Age of Conan Beta Tester Cloak Code

Funcom seems to have appreciated my beta testing and feedback for Age of Conan.

You have been a long and thrustworthy participant in our community, and as such we would like to thank you for helping us form Age of Conan into the marvelous product it is today. The last weeks has seen some serious enhancment to the game, and with the release we will be opening several new areas and neverbefore seen content in the launch version of the game. What and where it is? You have to find out for yourself!

As a sign of gratitude for your aid, we are pleased to offer you the in-game item used by those loyal to King Conan: The Drinking Cape. This item will allow your characters (one game account only) to free of charge demand the very sought after alcholic drink of "Ambrosia" - free and in unlimited supplies for life! After having claimed your cape, merely find one of the kegs in the finer Inns of Hyboria and click it whilst wearing your cape to receive your drink.
However, since I am not playing this game, this gift item is going to go to waste. That is where you come in. Leave a comment with your e-mail address explaining why you deserve to receive it and in a couple days I'll select a winner and e-mail them the code.

UPDATE: Congrats to Genda from The Grouchy Gamer on a fine win.