September 7, 2008

Favre Average, Man"genius" an Idiot

The New York Jets took home a win today against the Miami Dolphins.

I normally don't get to watch many games outside of the Green Bay Packers games, but I managed to catch today's Jets/Dolphins game. The one overriding thought I had the entire game was that the Jets head coach, Eric Mangini who is known as Man"genius", made some very suspect coaching calls. Not to mention, having made the call not to carry a second place-kicker on the roster.

Between not passing on a 3rd down at the end of the game, not carrying that second kicker, and a timeout that saved the Dolphins from getting a delay of game penalty within the last minute of the game, I have to say Mangini failed as a coach.

Honestly, the Jets should of lost the game due to the coaching blunders. What's funny, is that many people expected Favre to be the one losing games by having a Brett moment. However, here the Jets sit, with Favre to thank for a win and some doubts about the coach guiding the team.