October 29, 2008

Three Things to Keep Me Interested

In my previous post, I gave Mythic three months to get WAR straightened out. Now, I want to list the three things that MUST change in order for me to stick with WAR and not, sadly, go back to WoW.

1. Magus/Engineer "magnet" abilities removed from the game completely or limited to a single target only.

2. Open-world RvR zones populated with PvE content such as PQs and normal quest hubs.

3. Experience and renown gain reworked in scenarios. Scenarios should reward based on wins and losses ONLY, not upon how much damage or how many kills a player nets. Scenarios are fun, but due to how rewards are doled out, only the fastest-played and most-kills scenarios get played. This has to change.

Mythic already has a start on #2 with their upcoming Halloween event, but I am not impressed by their plans to have the Public Quests in open-world RvR zones respawn once every few hours instead of after two minutes like EVERY OTHER PQ IN THE GAME.