January 29, 2009

FIX the Damn Game!

Let January 29th, 2009 go down in history as the day Mythic decided to do something with this little thing called Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. More classes, a new scenario, live events, and an entire new zone! WARgasm!

Actually, all of the announcements weren't that exciting. Mythic missed the mark, again, and once again, Mark Jacobs had to respond to cries of "WTF are you doing Myhic! FIX the damn game first!".

MJB eventually came around to his senses and got down to talking about the things that are important for WAR (like fixing the pile of crap of a game that we are currently playing instead of just senselessly hyping new features that no one is going to care about if the game doesn't run better than a fat chick sucking a golf ball through a hose).

If you ask me, the letter to the Folks would have made one hell of a better Press Release than some marketing tripe about new classes, zones, and live events.

Oh well, I'll give you another shot Mythic. I don't know why, but Paul Barnett still amuses me slightly (or at least keeps me entertained and makes me believe community still might count for something in MMOs).