March 1, 2009

Mythic, are city sieges supposed to be fun?

I had the chance to participate in a couple city sieges over the last few days in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning on the Badlands server. Destruction has been rampaging through the streets of Altdorf, Order's capital city, for two nights straight now. And, unfortunately this is true for what seems to be the majority of servers. Poor Order bastards, red-headed step faction of WAR.

My main question for Mythic: are these sieges supposed to be fun? Because, for me at least, they are about as much fun as pulling my finger nails out with pliers.

1. There are way too many people per instance. Lag, bullshit area-of-effect dominantion, and a don't-do-anything-but-follow-the-zerg-or-die mentality all add up to a giant pile of garbage.

2. There is no sensible direction to take within the siege. Sure, there are "objectives", but can players reasonably expect to complete objectives with 75 zergling wonders barreling down on them anytime they get a pop up telling them a control point flipped?

3. To reiterate part of point numero uno, CLASS BALANCE FUCKING SUCKS BETWEEN ORDER AND DESTRUCTION. Mythic, give Order the same I WIN AOE disables and disorients, or remove them from the game.

I'm stopping here. I could go on, but I won't. WAR is a joke and I almost thought I was beginning to like it.

PS. Order Badlands - Kick Destruction's ass! Its obvious why the majority of big-time guilds chose Destruction (EZ mode).