August 6, 2009


GREEN BAY — Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson’s non-answer to a question about Michael Vick was more than just Ted being Ted.

The team is doing thorough due diligence on the former NFL quarterback and has had legitimate discussions about the idea of signing him, according to sources.
This is a really bad idea and a half way good idea. Aaron Rodgers has more than proven himself as a capable quarterback and given a years experience, I think he's going to start winning more games. So, Vick would be a back up at most.

First, I think Vick is trouble. Green Bay has a tendency to calm even the wildest souls and keep them out of more trouble(Brett Favre was no angel when he arrived in Green Bay). However, Vick's trouble is unlikely to stop following him around anytime soon.

Still, the Packers need a back up for Rodgers and Vick can play. However, his best days are behind him and have since he broke his leg back in 2006. He's never been a great passing quarterback and always relied on his legs to make things happen. I just can't imagine he will get back those youthful legs that impressed everyone in his early years. On the positive side, he could be picked up for a cheap price and quarterbacks are pretty tough to find in today's league.
Once the highest paid-player in the NFL — and now bankrupt — Vick probably wouldn’t cost much financially.

Either way, interesting.

Update: 13 Aug, 2009 - All this Packers/Vick talk and Vick ends up signing a 2-year deal with the Eagles.