January 20, 2010

Another satisifed customer...

the: hey
heartlessgamer: no
the: ?
heartlessgamer: not to be rude, but I have plans for it at some point
the: really?
the: you haven't touched it for ages..
heartlessgamer: yes, I know. I get sidetracked.
the: did i remind you of it
heartlessgamer: actually no, I had posted on twitter before you contacted me about getting it up and running. I've been a games blogger since 05, and originally when steam communities launched I was going to connect my list of contacts together from the gaming blogosphere

the: hmm
the: So ,you haven't touched since 07, but you've talked about it?
heartlessgamer: yes, and first come first serve. again, not being rude, just squatting on something I might want to use.
the: ok , if you want to use i can give back to you :D
heartlessgamer: nope
the: why?
heartlessgamer: because it would make me feel bad to tell you to stop using it
heartlessgamer: so I avoid the inevitable conundrum
heartlessgamer: by saying no now
the: haha
the: i'd be the one feeling guilty, if you told me you want it
heartlessgamer: see, saving us both the trouble now
the: haha , i don't realy mind tbh
the: i might only use it for a week
the: i set-up a clan , called [BLOG] and :S
heartlessgamer: also your profile was private, so I knew nothing about you. you wouldnt be the first that has asked for it.
the: come on man :S?
heartlessgamer: 1 billion dollars, final offer
the: i really , like it because it's an old group
the: if you want , i can make oyu agroup called BLOG gamer :)
heartlessgamer: http://twitter.com/heartless_gamer/status/8012403854
the: i want it because of it's anem and its date :s
the: nothing else :(