January 1, 2006

Trust Me, an article from the Escapist on MMORPG economies

The Escapist, an online magazine, has an interesting article looking into the heart of MMO economies. The article covers both happenings in EVE Online and Second Life.

But business is good only because it's not actually ISS that owns the outpost. An ISS corp operates the outpost (and technically, within the game's mechanics, owns it), but real ownership has been vested with the pilots of EVE, through what has become the first publicly owned company in the game.

If there was a great article out there to start 2006 with... it would be this article. A great read that poses a lot of good questions.Freedom is the premise of most online worlds.

However, many fail to even get close to freedom. EVE Online and Second Life have shed that approach and have told their players "Try what you want." It is dangerous ground to stand on, but as the article highlights it can be the most rewarding.