October 4, 2009

Be A Better Hero: Heroes of the Fall Update, List of Ranks and More

First off, another congrats is in order as two million Heroes have marched out upon the Field of Battle:
EA has announced that free-to-play online shooter Battlefield Heroes has two million users, sauntering past the milestone in three months.
This is a great sign for a game still technically in beta (one of the better betas I have been in). Secondly, a new game update was released as well:
To celebrate, the publisher has a meaty update planned for next week, Heroes of the Fall, which we partly told you about earlier this month when we discussed a Gunner revamp and a new ranking system.
With the recent update, a new map was introduced: Riverside Rush. It is an infantry-focused map and offers a closed quarter action balanced by open transitional areas. While the initial rush of the map is not hell-bent on a single target ala Victory Village’s Road Block or Church Square, some importance does need to be placed on where a Hero ventures after their initial capture point.

The middle of the map is fairly wide open and ripe for camping commandos to collect a few kills. Fortunately, trenches are available to duck into. I strongly recommend the use of these trenches for Gunners and Soldiers when attempting to move across the middle portion of the map. Caution needs to be used, as a Hero can be trapped by enemies from above the trenches. However, the risk is worth the reward when needing to avoid pesky sniper bullets or the times an enemy can be caught unaware.

Also included in the update are Ranks. However, the exact way in which Ranks work is unknown. What we do know is that doing damage and gaining points contribute to gaining rank and that ranks start after reaching level 10 with a Hero. They give no bonuses other than a fancy title in game that other players can see.

The only way to see your Hero’s current rank is to go to the main website, log in, and check your Hero’s profile. It will be listed to the right. Below, for example, on my Gunner, Column, I have reached the rank of Specialist:

Rumor has it that these are the Ranks available in the game:
Player_Prestige_Level_1 [Private]
Player_Prestige_Level_2 [Specialist]
Player_Prestige_Level_3 [Corporal]
Player_Prestige_Level_4 [Sergeant]
Player_Prestige_Level_5 [Lieutenant]
Player_Prestige_Level_6 [Captain]
Player_Prestige_Level_7 [Major]
Player_Prestige_Level_8 [LT.Colonel]
Player_Prestige_Level_9 [Colonel ]
Player_Prestige_Level_10 [Brigadier General]
Player_Prestige_Level_11 [Major General]
Player_Prestige_Level_12 [LT.General]
Player_Prestige_Level_13 [General]
Player_Prestige_Level_14 Lazy Lackey
Player_Prestige_Level_15 Merry Mercenary
Player_Prestige_Level_16 Narcoleptic Nemesis
Player_Prestige_Level_17 Inadequate Opponent
Player_Prestige_Level_18 Heroic Protagonist
Player_Prestige_Level_19 Querulist Contender
Player_Prestige_Level_20 Rabble Rouser
Player_Prestige_Level_21 Salted Seargant
Player_Prestige_Level_22 Tactical Error
Player_Prestige_Level_23 Ursine Aggressor
Player_Prestige_Level_24 Vitriolic Victor
Player_Prestige_Level_25 Wayside Wanderer
Player_Prestige_Level_26 Wartime Wonder
Player_Prestige_Level_27 Eager Beaver
Player_Prestige_Level_28 Spring Chicken
Player_Prestige_Level_29 Fully Functional
Player_Prestige_Level_30 Pesky Private
Player_Prestige_Level_31 Strapping Specialist
Player_Prestige_Level_32 Cool Corporal
Player_Prestige_Level_33 Loony Lieutenant
Player_Prestige_Level_34 Crazed Captain
Player_Prestige_Level_35 Misunderstood Major
Player_Prestige_Level_36 Loopy Lieutenant Colonel
Player_Prestige_Level_37 Crafty Colonel
Player_Prestige_Level_38 Big Bad Brigadier General
Player_Prestige_Level_39 Mighty Major General
Player_Prestige_Level_40 Lucky Lieutenant General
Player_Prestige_Level_41 Generous General
Player_Prestige_Level_42 Zany Xenophobe
Player_Prestige_Level_43 Infamous Infiltrator
Player_Prestige_Level_44 Artful Dodger
Player_Prestige_Level_45 Combat Artist
Player_Prestige_Level_46 Gastral Gladiator
Player_Prestige_Level_47 Armchair Admiral
Player_Prestige_Level_48 Naughty Novice
Player_Prestige_Level_49 Wayward Warrior
Player_Prestige_Level_50 Not So Mr. Nice Guy
I have no confirmation that these are correct, but this list has been continually quoted on the fan sites.

Gunners also received a sweeping update. Explosive Keg now slows down enemies that are caught in the blast range. Frenzy Fire now returns health points to the Hero if a target is hit (even vehicle hits return health, so shoot those easy to hit planes and jeeps). Lastly, the Gunner’s shield ability can now be shared with teammates. Remember, sharing is caring!

Overall, the update has been a smashing success. Riverside Rush is a great map. I feel well rounded and team-focused on my Gunner now. So much so, that the Gunner has now overtaken my Soldier in both level and playtime.
As always, check it out for yourself. Battlefield Heroes is 100% free-to-play.