October 4, 2009

The Folly of Changing Things

UPDATE: 12:19 PM - DISQUS comment import is complete. DISQUS integration is complete.
UPDATE: 10:29 PM - Template is back to an agreeable state
I moved my blog over to the DISQUS commenting system today. However, that was not the plan. I had intended to TEST DISQUS on my test blog heartless-gamer.blogspot.com. Unfortunately, doing so in the middle of a 12-hour work shift on a Sunday I failed to notice I was updating my live blog at hgamer.blogspot.com.

So, every last comment ever left on this blog is missing at the moment. A rescue import is on the way into DISQUS and should solve the problem.

Secondly, I fucked up my template and as I have no recent backup for some under-the-hood changes I made it will be a bit before normalcy is restored. That's life though and I'll work at restoring what I can.