December 25, 2009

10 Days of WAR: Day 8 (Live Events)

Merry Christmas!  For my eighth day of WAR I'm going to talk about Live Events.

Live events in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning can be summed up by the following:
1. A quest in the RvR lakes
2. Incentives to kill other players
3. A "limited time only" scenario
4. More quests
This somewhat satisfies my gripe that the RvR lakes in WAR are empty of content, but the limited nature of Live Events still doesn't promote players to spread out.

The current live event is Kegs End.  There are pub crawls, beer drinking, ogre killing, and general mischief to be had.  Unfortunately, there isn't much guidance to the player outside a list of tasks in the Tome of Knowledge.  The world does not feel like it is alive with the spirit of the Kegs End holiday.  If there wasn't floating icons and Kegs End names above the Live Event NPCs, players would probably never know the difference.

Participating in the Live Event is easy enough, players do what they normally do: queue up for scenarios and zerg the RvR lakes for kills.  The more interesting aspect, to me, was the pub crawls, where players scour their capital city in search of different types of beer!

The capital cities of WAR, Altdorf and The Inevitable City, are still awe-inspiring to me.  The artwork and amount of stuff to discover is stunning.  However, there is little incentive to doing so outside of Tome unlocks and exploration experience.  The pub crawls are a perfect way to send players to destinations they may have otherwise missed.  There may even be a surprise around a corner or two!

Live Events, another OK, but not great part of WAR.  Come back for day nine, working title: The Hangover.