August 22, 2007

Ten Things From Vacation

10. A five-month old Doberman puppy that doesn't want to sleep in her crate at the vacation home means you better make room in the bed.

9. Gatlinburg, TN is a 50/50 split of new shiny and 1980's rundown.

8. The mountain roads are not friendly to a "four banger" from Japan carrying far too much stuff.

7. The rabbit can't be left alone for a week, so it's easier to just bring him with than find someone to rabbit-sit.

6. The cat can be left alone for a week and causes no issues.

5. The dog crate is bigger than the car trunk; something that should be noted before you start packing the car. Oddly enough, it eventually did fit.

4. Hill Billy Golf is actually run by real life hill billys.

3. Davy Crocket's mini-golf is far superior to Hill Billy Golf.

2. The first 350 pages of George RR Martin's, A Storm of Swords, is kick ass.

1. While on vacation, claiming to vacate my brain is not a key to my wife's good graces.