September 15, 2007

Let's Help GamerDad

GamerDad, a gaming blogger who just so happens to also be a wonderful father and gaming spokesman, has suffered a heart attack.
On Saturday September 1st, Andrew Bub - the GamerDad, and my husband - suffered a heart attack. An anterior wall Myocardial Infarction to be exact. On Sunday the 2nd, he had an additional MI and on Labor Day he endured a Quadruple Bypass operation, which saved his life. He's been in the hospital ever since and dearly misses his children, his website, and all of you - his readers.
In a day and age where video games are constantly under fire and often times rooted as the cause of all ills of our children, GamerDad has been a staunch defender of the truth. Parents that game with their children are some of the best parents around. Gaming is not evil. Gaming does not ruin children. These are facts and GamerDad is their spokesman.

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