September 1, 2005

Horizons - not impressed at all! had some Horizon's media accounts floating around and an article for the upcoming dragon ceremony was needed... so never fear... Heartless is here!

Step 1 : Download Horizons.
-No problems here... downloaded while I slept.

Step 2 : Install & Patch Horizons
-Nightmare begins. So it downloaded and the patcher opened up just fine. Installed Microsoft 1.1 .NET Framework. Then it is time to install the game. Took an AFK break and come back to a screen that says "These files must be deleted for Horizons to play correctly." DELETE.

Step 3 : Make an account and play!
-Never going to get to the play part of this experience. Account created with a little tweaking of the ole' address. I live in an apartment and the account form fails to mention it doesn't accept the # sign until AFTER you put all your info in. It rejected me and didn't save any of my info. Repeated without the # and got my account. Tried to launch Horizons... Horizons is not installed on your computer. OH HELL YES IT IS YOU STUPID PROGRAM.

Step 4 : Call customer service.
-Nice guy... not terribly helpful. He tells me to reinstall. However the downloaded program file says there is an installation that already failed and I could not start another one. Customer service walks me through the uninstall and then directs me back to redownload the program.

Step 5 : Politely tell the CS rep that it isn't worth my time
-Informed my CS rep that I would not be downloading the program again. Even after he tried to convince me of the "new patcher" that is only a 34MB download and would then auto download the patch for me.

So there is my Horizons experience. Account canceled withing the first 36 hours.