September 20, 2005

WoW PvP changes... rumors

Don't ask where these came from... and no they are not official.

- Grand Marshal no longer awards the purchase of weapons at rank 14, but only access to the Grand Marshal's Armory. The GM's Armory has a selection of weapons, armor etc. which can be purchased from special Insignias that drop from all players of the opposing faction, and other various honor tokens rewarded from battleground victories. Each item in the armory costs a certain number of Insignias/tokens. Players who reach Grand Marshal may still have access to the Armory even after losing GM rank. The selection of items within the Armory will change all the time.

- Honor from players outside of battlegrounds has been increased significantly. Players outside of battlegrounds now drop Insignia’s which can be used to purchase special items.

- The Battle Standard awarded through the PvP honor system can once again be used outside of battlegrounds.

- Honor from players inside of battlegrounds has been altered. Players who are higher rank, or from a higher ranked guild now are worth much more honor, and award additional bonus honor for a battleground win.

- The "diminishing returns" from killing players inside and outside of battlegrounds has been altered slightly.

- Cross-server battlegrounds have been introduced.

- Battleground match-ups are now either Arranged Team or Random Team. Random Team consists of players who joined single; Arranged Team consists of a group of players who queued together. Arranged Team players may only be able to play against other Arranged Team players, likewise with Random Team players who can only play against other Random Team players.

- The Guild Honor Ladder has been introduced, which ranks guilds on servers based upon honor rankings. The highest ranked guild on the server will find special rewards available to them (such as a reduced repair cost, savings on taxi services etc.), as well as their tabard displayed on all battleground entrances and outside the Knight's Quarters.

- The honor rewards for Warsong Gultch, Arathi Basin and Alterac Valley have been altered slightly.