September 26, 2005

Hoping for rank 6...

But I'm not to optimistic that I will get it. Not that I had a bad week in WoW, but just because I didn't get to play during the weekend battleground holiday that "increases" honor gained in battlegrounds. Sadly the increase is HUGE... nearly 1,000+ extra honor in an Arathi Basin win. Sorry I do not have the real number with me at the moment because I'm at work.

It pretty much slaps you in the face for playing during the week in the battlegrounds. Players can dedicate one or two days to all day battleground runs and get just as much honor as I do in five days of trying. This means the players that already have too much time to play can do their MC, BWL, ZG, and Onixyia raids during the week and still catch up on the PvP ranks on the weekend.

However that skill is mute when it is displayed against weekend warrior pick up groups.

Blizzard brought this about to bring more people into battlegrounds and it has. Problem is it has attracted the arranged PvP groups that completely utterly destroy a pick up group in literally ten minutes or less. They have pretty much moved weekend dungeon raids into organized battleground raids. This has proven that there is at least some skill to PvP in WoW. The skill lies in organization and communication within a group. However that skill is mute when it is displayed against weekend warrior pick up groups.

In turn this pretty much kills the battlegrounds for the casual crowd. PvP ranks are UNACHIEVABLE by most, if not all casual gamers. You will get to rank 5 and hit a literal wall. Even though I spend 90% of my in game time in the battlegrounds I have not made a rank in weeks. With Arathi Basin out now gaining 60,000 or even 100,000 honor will not get you anywhere at rank 5 or higher. That is just unacceptable in my book.

I won't pretend to understand how the ranks work. All I know is that before battlegrounds people with 2,000-4,000 HKs were rank 8+. People gained 4 ranks a week with 20,000 honor. I gained ranks 1 and 2 in my first week... then rank 3 and 4 in my second week... and then rank 5 the next week and never broke 10,000 honor. I saw rank 5-8's all over the place. Then I went on summer vacation and came back as rank 4 (from rank decay) AFTER battlegrounds was released. I have not been able to make it past rank 5... I am at a wall and I am gaining 40-70,000 CP a week... which obviously is not enough. I see a handful of rank 5-8's and usually I see mainly rank 1-3's.

Blizzard has stated they are looking at how it works... honestly I feel its been broken since battlegrounds with some sort of change being put in that wasn't mentioned.

Of course I need to offer some sort of fix... and honestly this is what I believe. Make ranks 1-9 easier to achieve. Don't make them super competetive... leave that for ranks 10+. 1-9 gives you a full set of blue PvP gear... which IMO you deserve if you put hard work in every week. Right now you have to be in battlegrounds 5-6 hours a day to compete past 5... which I hope was not Blizzards intention. If it was... these PvP rewards better become equivelant to MC or better gear. However this is just minor... not fleshed out... Blizzard needs to do something.