September 6, 2005

Heroes of Might and Magic V getting a hint from Blizzard

I present Exhibit A

and Exhibit B.

Gamecloud is running an interview with an Ubisoft rep about upcoming fantasy strategy game, Heroes of Might and Magic V. The article is dribble for all I am concerned. My capacity for Might and Magic died in the 90's before the first real 3D version ever was released.

Pointing this out because of the eye candy and how its artistic style compares to a company oh so well known for "cartoony" graphics, Blizzard and Warcraft. You want to know something though? I LOVE IT! These are kick ass screen shots and I love this sort of artistic style. It remains to this day why Final Fantasy VII and IX are my favorite Final Fantasies.... good cartoony > almost real looking or barbie doll graphics.
"I LOVE IT! These are kick ass screen shots" - Heartless_
Fantasy is about fantasy... let us escape the world of five foot nothingness and escape into a world where vibrant color and tall tales parade across our screen on gallant steeds.

+1 for this game.