December 12, 2005

All my PC parts are on order...

Everything is on order for my new PC and should be here in 2-3 days. I received a great deal on the video card! had a little save $25 on your next purchase of $50 or more deal going on. So I bought a $1.49 cable and then bought the video card next to save $25. Shipping was about $4 more than NewEgg, but that is still $19.50 saved... not to mention NewEgg was Zero Balance on the video card I wanted. Oh and MWave was $5 cheaper initially on the card.

Now I'm so fricking nervous about getting the stuff... not so sure about MWave shipping, but we'll see. NewEgg I'm sure will get the stuff here.

Then it just leaves me to screw it up once the stuff is here.

Update: 8 Nov, 2006 - Edited post and applied labels.