December 18, 2005

What I learned building my new PC so far...

Here is what I've learned so far building my new PC.

First issue was that the damn BIOS wouldn't recognize the hard drive. Well I stopped here thinking it was pointless to go any further without troubleshooting this down. Long story short...

1. Configure single SATA HD into a JBOD RAID setup via RAID controller setup.
2. Set CDROM to be first boot device.
3. Use mobo setup CD to create a SATA RAID driver disk.
4. Install Windows and press F6 to install additional drivers.
5. Install SATA RAID driver.
6. Windows now recognizes the drive for the install!

Two hours to figure those simple steps out. Had a friend from that lives in England that is a tech rep by day and he did all the research for me. Great guy! I looked at the same FAQ and troubleshooting guides he did and I would have never came up with the same solution.

Next problem... and current problem (didn't fix because I had to come to work).

Net connection works fine without a router.

Connection doesn't work with router.

Lots of crap going on here... will have to dig into it.

Update: 8 Nov, 2006 - Edited post and applied labels.