December 6, 2005

World of Warcraft Patch 1.8.4 - When will Blizzard learn?

World of Warcraft patch 1.8.4 official notes.
* Battles must now last at least ten minutes after the start of the battle in order for the losing team to receive a Mark of Honor.
If anyone has tracked my writing about the battlegrounds and how the uber 24/7 hardcore gamers DOMINATE them then you will know exactly what is wrong with this knee jerk change.

The uber l33t teams go through BG matches in an average of 5-7 minutes when they face pick up groups. This means that the pick up groups just /afk out of the BG once they see their opponent. This creates a cycle of new people joining the BG as its getting destroyed by the uber l33t team.

When Blizzard announced that you got at least 1 honor mark for sticking the match out a lot of people started staying for the match and ACTUALLY FIGHTING for a few honorable kills before the BG was destroyed.

Now we're back to square one. The pick up players are going to receive no rewards for putting in the same time as the uber l33ts. This is getting retarded and Blizzard is screwing the BGs even more.