December 14, 2005

Newegg and Mwave shipments arriving today

It's like Christmas a whole lot earlier for me. My packages from Newegg and Mwave are in the local and "out for delivery" as of 35 minutes ago! Now the question is if and or when my Windows XP disk arrives that I bought of eBay. Second guessing myself and should of just bought Windows XP from Newegg.

I can't wait to get this beast of a PC up and running!

Mwave arrived early this morning and my eVGA 7800 GTX is in hand. Now waiting on Newegg!

UPS has arrived with all the packages. Had to come back to drop the motherboard off since he forgot it the first time! Now I am waiting on my eBay OEM copy of Windows XP Pro... damn knew I should of got the Windows XP Pro from Newegg for a few extra bucks. Oh well... I wait!

Update: 8 Nov, 2006 - Edited post and applied labels.