July 14, 2005

Another hour gone to the WoW BG que...

Waited an hour today for a WSG group and none started. Not sure if Horde had enough to start one or if Alliance had to few. Not sure. Then I went to join the AV BG and there was only 29 people in it. Of course it tells me there is a 29 minute wait. Lets do some math... 40-29 = 11 slots open. Thanks to Blizzard I succesfully lost Stone Guard (Rank 6) and am on the verge of losing First Seargeant (Rank 5) because during the off hours there is literally ZERO PvP action anywhere... BG's or high level zones.

Pretty sad my WoW time is spent waiting to get into a BG and rarely do I get in one. Instances are no fun anymore and I will never have the time for a 40 man. WoW is dieing for me :(