July 17, 2005

BF2 has me hooked

And I'm not stopping anytime soon. I have played WoW only for a few battleground runs in the last few days. In the same time I have logged nearly 30 hours of BF2 and it has me hooked... hooked hard.

It is a great game when played with friends. The ranks and stat tracking by the game is so far excellent.... aside from the "stat padders" who have their own ranked servers to exploit on. EA/Dice seem to be 100% commited to remove these exploited scores from the ladders and ban the user's account. Good to see.

BF2 is still not a perfect game and still needs a few patches to get it right. It seems all the time was spent making the game look awesome and then at the last minute a server browser and squad manager were thrown in without any functionality.

I love this game.

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