July 28, 2005

Lost rank... again...

14,000+ honor this week. Now I know it isn't alot... but I firmly thought it was enough to keep rank 5.... RANK 5 of 14. Not only did I lose the 1/6 of rank 5 I had... but I lost 1/4 of rank 4 I had. This was about 4 hours of BGs last week... about all I care to play anymore. I'm sorry but if that means I can't maintain my rank... I am not playing WoW.

WoW's PvP before BGs was fun and fighting around the world was a blast. That sort of PvP is gone... since there is motive behind the fights now. WoW destroyed a good thing... in a bad way. Enjoy farming your BGs... contimplating my next move.

WoW the master of the bait'n'switch and carrot on a stick.

I guess Blizzard is happy having the majority of players rank 3 or below... because that is all I see now. So much for the promise of rank 1-9 being filled by people that can't dedicate 3+ hours a day to BG farming.