July 16, 2005

Top 5 ways to be Teamkilled in BF2...

Can't quite get to 10... but I tried.

As with my other post X's denote deaths I've experienced. A Y indicates TKs that I've committed.

X 5. Artillery strike right as you are about to cap a flag... obviously blue dots tell commanders "Artillery here!".

XY 4. Being run over while repairing a vehicle.

Y 3. Knifed by a jealous pilot/driver who doesn't want you to steal his precious .

X 2. Mid air collision from a team mate after you've stolen the enemie's Blackhawk... people really need to get some skill and stop crashing into transport helicopters trying to get 6 kills. FYI 6 TKs get most people kicked off a server and FYI you have missles and machine guns to SHOOT things down.

X 1. Spawning in front of your squad leader who is a sniper and just pulling the trigger. Must of been a head shot :)