February 5, 2006

EVE Online, not playing is better than playing

Right now in EVE Online I have nothing important to do other than log in and set my skills to train. Running NPC missions has gotten stale. Exploring new space has gotten boring. Chatting in game has been nice, but I really have no clue what most people are talking about.

I have the ship I am going to be taking into battle. I have a bank account with 4.5 million ISK in it. The only thing lacking right now are the skills to do what I want and a corporation to join to put my skills to use.

EVE Online for all its awards and praise is a pretty shallow game if you aren't into the PvP, trading, or political game. Sadly the game does little to direct you in a feasible direction. Most corporations have steep application requirements. On top of this if you don't follow some sort of EVE players guide your first character is a toss away.

Luckily I have followed a good guide and my first character should last. I also hopefully have a corporation lined up once I am out of the free trial period. All that is left is getting the skills to outfit my ship to perform the basic PvP function of "tackling". Tackling is equivelant to being the "crowd control" class in other MMORPGs.

A "tacklers" job is to do nothing but keep a target from escaping from or moving freely around the battlefield. It is an important role I am ready to fufill, but waiting is killing me. I am playing EVE Online for the rush of war and the potential of politics.

So right now not playing EVE is a hell of a lot more fun than actually playing it.