February 10, 2006

EVE Online Update

I have subscribed to EVE Online after my 14 day trial. What won me over was potential. Potential for being a great game later on. Currently the game is boring as I log in only to set new skills to train. I am bored with the missions that the agents task me with.

What I want to get into is some combat. Both PvP and EVE Online's PvE known as "rat" hunting. Rats are NPC pirates that are worth a pretty penny to gun down. Grouping with a few friends and jumping into a pirate nest is a sure fire way to have some fun and come out with a profit.

Even though my skills are lacking currently I can still learn. I've applied through Ethic of Kill Ten Rats to be part of Ars Calestis corporation. So hopefully I am picked up.

I am more than willing to work hard for any corporation that needs me as long as I know they have my back in a dog fight. AC seems to be a newer corporation, but that does not bother me. It will be nice to be growing up as the corp grows stronger and stronger.

I am also working on a 14 day trial review for EVE Online for Gamergod.com so look for that within a week or two.