February 19, 2006

Lum (aka Scott Jennings) leaves Mythic Entertainment

Mythic Entertainment, the makers of Dark Ages of Camelot, have lost one of their best today. Lum the Mad (aka Scott Jennings) has parted ways with the company. The old man was seen kicking a jar as he left releasing a magical fairy that will be flying him South by Southwest for an unknown purpose. The blogging scene is full of rumors.

1. Lum the ever vigilant World War II gaming fan could possibly be headed to Cornered Rat software to begin design work on World War II Online.

2. SOE has posted job listings in the southwest for Lead Designer.

3. With the success of his book, MMORPGs for Dummies, it is speculated that he is retiring to Arizona to concentrate his efforts on MMORPGs for Dummies : The Sequel.

4. And finally many have speculated the man really has finally gone crazy.