February 21, 2006

Guild Wars world champs and thoughts on pro-video gaming

Joystiq has a small blurb up about the Guild Wars world champions. Congrats to team EviL for taking home the prize. The whole thought of gaming for cash and the comments to the article got me thinking. Along with thoughts from the Gaming Steve podcast I have some thoughts that I posted as comments to the Joystiq article.

"Videogames as a sport will not get picked up as mainstream until the various leagues learn to stick to a single game... not many games that change every couple of years.

The MLB doesn't announce next seasons is going to be played as Baseball 2.0. The NFL doesn't go and introduce NFL:The Sequel as next years "game". Profesional sports change very little overtime.

Video gaming profesionally needs a constant game. In the US the closest contender we have is Counterstrike. Even then the main star of the circuit is Fatal1ty who jumps to whatver Q3 game is hot.

Pro video gaming is actually a sad commercial interest for the games being played and the technology (gfx cards fo sho) the gamers compete on.

Starcraft is HUGE in Korea and is basically their national "past time". Starcraft is an old game and I doubt you will see the Koreans changing games anytime soon. Sure other games in Korea are competitive, but its basically like comparing the MLB to AAA baseball in the US. It's minor league vs major league.

And until the US video gaming tournaments get out of the commercial aspect of selling the newest and greatest hardware and software... then they won't succeed like they want."