February 7, 2006

Half Life 2 - Singleplayer

After setting some skills to train and hauling a load of veldspar back to station in EVE Online I decided to boot up the single player campaign in Half Life 2. I originally never bothered with it simply because I bought the game for Counterstrike Source and other Steam apps.

I am glad I waited until now because I have a kick ass computer to run it on. The game is simply amazing. The puzzles are unique and are definate exercises on the brain. There is usually just enough information presented to figure out each one without making them too easy or frustratingly hard.

The story line is great even for those unfamiliar with the events of the original Half Life. The real joy so far has been the interaction with pretty much anything in the surrounding areas.

Having played a bit of Half Life 2 Deathmatch and Lost Coast I am aware of many of the weapons I will get to play with later. The standard crowbar is king and the grav gun is its slave. I can't wait to get the grav gun in game and can't wait to see some of the puzzles it is used in.

Now if I am really feeling in the Single Player mood I may just crack away at the Call of Duty 2 SP experience.