June 8, 2005

Battlegrounds... the basics!

I didn't exactly get to indulge fully into the battlegrounds (BGs) due to real life stuff, but I headed to Warsong Gulch for a couple hours last night. I will run down the three major things I noticed.

1. The queue. Players run up to the instance entrance portal and get a menu. The player can then select an individual BG to wait for, or first available, which will put them in line for the first open BG spot. There were eleven separate Warsong Gulches open when I arrived. Then I had to wait and when my turn came up I instantly portaled into the BG. A player can portal in from anywhere in the world, a very nice feature for an auction house junkie like me.

The problems with the queue I noticed:
- The estimated wait time was always wrong. It would usually say there was 6-10 minute wait, but I had only one wait time less than 20 minutes.
- Players get invited into BGs to replace players that have left. The problem, players get dumped on their rear with no idea how the battle is going. It could be a jump right into a team winning, or a drop-in right as your team is losing, effectively wasting the 20 minutes the player just waited.

2. Forming groups and raids in the BG is just plain rough. Mixed groups from different raids, and other groups, forcing players to reform. It is a pain because some people just want to go solo. My fix: force all players into a raid group for that BG. This way everyone can communicate and no one has to spam "WHO HAS THE RAID GROUP??".

3. If a player goes into a BG with people that don't want to team together, they will hate life. Unorganized players stand no chance in a BG unless the other team is just as disorganized. Unfortunately, all it takes is 2-3 coordinated players to effectively grab flags and win a game against an unorganized team.

More coming later!

Update: 6 Apr, 2007 - Edited labels and post.