June 19, 2005

Making WoW's raid content better

I posted this over on the VN World of Warcraft: General Discussion forum. I've cross-posted it here as well.
End game raid dungeons and encounters should have been built around quests. Just like leveling in WoW. You progress through the dungeon via quests. The end quest or several quests in the chain offer you rewards. No loot drops other than your random chance at a blue or purple BOE item and of course run of the mill greens. As you complete the quests you get a guaranteed reward out of a list.

Blizzard hyped up the ability to see your rewards before you finished a quest... sadly there is few quests that actually show you anything before the end because they are all chain quests. That way the 1st time through an epic dungeon you would get the reward you wanted. You could go back and get the next reward. All BOP obviously. That way each run you are getting a reward you can be using. And you should get to choose from all the current upper tier items.

For example... the Onixyia chain of quests for the key would then lead to the in dungeon quest of killing Onixyia... then you get to head off and get your wonderful item.

There are limited quests like that atm... and its a shame to spend 5+ hours of your time on a 40 man raid to see 5 people get a reward. Yes you should try and be happy for those that received a reward... but at the same time you play a game to be fun and to reward yourself. Luck shouldn't be the overriding factor in having fun.

Blizzard its time to start rewarding us for the time we spend. Not only would this cut down on people "grinding" instances at 60 it would go a long ways in making it so someone like me who gets that once a year chance to attend an MC raid gets rewarded for doing so.
Update: 4 Nov, 2007 - Edited link, but did not edit main body of post as I can not update the VN Board's version.