June 17, 2005

Playing medic in Battlefield 2

There is plenty of up side to playing a medic in BF2.

1. Their offensive weapons are not lacking. They do require a steady aim and are meant for close quarters combat. Definately holds up in a fire fight and grenades are always a best seller when dropped into an enemies hole.

2. Medics are the best class for a squad leader. As a squad leader your squad can spawn on your location as long as you are still alive. No better way to stay alive than healing yourself. A good squadmate will respawn on you with a support kit and replenish your med packs and ammo.

3. You can revive squadmates when they are killed. A quick run and dive can get you and your
squadmate back in the game... usually turning the tide of a battle. Also you can use a squadmate to bait an enemy while you ambush them... and there is little time lost if your squadmate dies.

4. You become a mobile healing machine whenever you get into a vehicle... this makes you a valuable member in any troop transport.

I think I have found my true calling in BF2... medic.