June 16, 2005

OMG moments from Battlefield 2 Demo

Battlefield 2 is full of OMG moments.

For example... last night I snuck onto the enemies ship offshore and managed to steal their Black Hawk helicopter. Halfway back to our base to pick up my squad another member of my squad bombing the ship with a jet flies right into me. A good laugh for sure.... we at least got to respawn together.

Next up is the time I was perched up on top of the giant contsruction crane over looking an enemy spawn point. I had originally ventured up to kill off the snipers camping up top. Someone beat me to it so I decided to see if I could parachute down. On the way down I caught sight of a few enemy soldiers bunkered down in the dumpster next to the flag... so I pulled out some c4 mid-fall and dropped it right into their laps. BOOM! Three kills and I capped the flag after landing safely via parachute.

Many other small things have happened also... like unknowingly sitting within two feet of an enemy sniper only seperated by a low wall... but we were both laying down. I popped up to set out some trip mines and soon as it hit the ground his body and my body went flying. Sensitive little mines...

Or the time where I sat down next to a guy thinking he was on my side just to find out 30 seconds later that I had been switched to the enemy side by the server. He shot me after realising I was there.

Ahh the joys of a new FPS.