June 20, 2005

Getting fucked over in WoW

I attended an Upper Blackrock Spire (UBRS) raid today with the hopes of getting the Painweaver Band. I announced my intentions for the ring to the entire raid well before we even started the instance, and no one said a thing. That is the ONLY item in UBRS that I even care about.

To make a long story short, the raid finished off the last boss, General Drakkisath, and the master looter started to ask for rolls on anything anyone needed. The Painweaver Band did drop and was called out. A hunter, rogue, warrior, and I all rolled.

I had the winning roll of 85! Unfortunately, the master looter decided I was "screwing over another class". My goal while doing UBRS was to get the ring, as I stated when we started. Sadly, the master looter then gave the ring to the rogue who rolled a 12. Both the hunter and warrior were next in line behind me in terms of rolls.

The master looter continued to proclaim, after the rolls, that it was a rogue only ring and that no one else should get it. Sorry to inform that stupid bitch, but I needed the ring just as much as a rogue. It is sad that I have to debate that an item with all melee based stats is useful for a melee specced shaman.

What really sets me off is that she tried to defend herself stating that she was making sure a class didn't get screwed over. I'll remember that the next time a Felstriker (epic dagger from UBRS) drops and I ninja it.

If you play on Azgalor, stay away from Angels of Death and Chastity's UBRS raids.

Update: 4 Nov, 2007 - Edited post, removed broken labels, and applied labels.