June 1, 2005

Invisibility coming back?

According to a post on World of Warcraft's PvP forum, it looks like invisibility may be coming back.
"We definitely wish to bring invisibility back into the game for the Mage at some point, however, it would more than likely be a slightly different mechanic than players might remember from Beta. It's important that invisibility is both useful and fun to use, but not so much that it provides its caster with an unfair advantage or allows for the bypassing of game content."
I find the "bypassing of game content" line funny. After all, the early beta version of invisibility combined with the broken version of blink was a great tool for mages. Obviously it unbalanced the class, but that is what beta is for.

Here is my question: why does rogue's stealth work the nearly the same way that invisibility did in beta?

Does Blizzard even look at what they put in game? At one point, stealth was bearable and rogues could be detected relatively easily when they were in front of you. Now, there can be several rogues within a three foot radius and you won't see a single one.

It amazes me that Blizzard is going to put invisibility back into the game and change it from beta. Yet, they refuse to even mention how rogue stealth basically equals the old invisibility.

Update: 4 Nov, 2007 - Edited post, removed broken link, and applied labels.