June 1, 2005


So I dropped my 300 skinning skill last week to pick up enchanting. Enchanting is a pure money maker and the only downside to it is training from 225-250 skill. You wonder why?

Well because Blizzard decided the 225+ master enchanter needed to be placed inside the Uldaman instance on the Alliance continent! Now the instance is only level 35-45 and is easy enough for a level 60 to sneak through, but still Blizzard decided that the NPC would not spawn until you cleared a pit of scorpids. Good thing there is websites like Thottbot.com and Allakhazam.com otherwise it would be near impossible to figure out where, how, or what spawned the master enchanter.

Now since it is in an instance you need to make sure to bring enough materials with you to grind it out and train all the skills you can while there. The final skill being at 250 skill... after that its all dropped or bought recipes from around the world.

I dropped 50 or so gold on materials at the auction house... something I normally will not do. I will take my time with lower end auctions and disenchant the supplies I need. Today though I was on a mission to get 250+ skill.

Well I was in luck and ran into a hunter doing the same as me... so the instance would go that much faster. There was more spots than I thought where we had to fight through a few grey elites. Nothing to bad.

We finally got to the master enchanter after about 20 minutes and we both set in to start grinding. Grind, grind, and grind we did. However I came to realize that I was going to be ONE skill point short! No!

So here I sit... one skill point away from 250 and missing three essential skills in enchanting. Oh well! Another day... another run... next time I will have 250 before I even head out.